Sensory Storytelling

A hotel is much more than a sum of its parts. We believe that hotels today are live theatres, where the entire world’s a stage.They are where memories are made and where milestones are celebrated. They are where deals are done and relationships are cemented. They are where health is invigorated and appetites are indulged. Hotels do much more than accommodate guests; their importance to their local, regional and international communities mean that they rightly deserve a story of their own. 

Hotels are...More

Sensory Storytelling
Our Story

Our Story

We have been creating exceptional guest experiences for more than a quarter of a century. 

We understand the business perhaps more than anyone else in Asia, and we are a results-driven group of highly skilled and dedicated designers, decorators, architects and draughts people who love what we do, every single day that we do it. 

Just like you, we believe that design is an emotional experience, experienced differently by every guest and sometimes differently by the same guest upon different...More

What We Do

We know that behind a successful design lies a clearly defined concept brief that takes into account the operators requirements, owners' aspirations and the end user.  We understand that there is considerable dialogue with all parties before pen can be put to paper.  The following images are a collection of different media and presentation techniques that we use to craft our interior designs.

We also pride ourselves in producing a comprehensive set of detailed working drawings, FF&E specifications that enable...More

What We Do

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